US-based Nigerian calls out girlfriend over paternity fraud


  • A Nigerian man living in US has accused his ex girlfriend, Akeju Oluwaseun of engaging in paternity fraud.
  • According to the man identified as Opeyemi Olagunju had a romantic encountered with Akeju in October 2020 bit it was interrupted due to her menstrual cycle.
  • Unbeknownst to him she got pregnant and she refused to inform him until layer.
  • The man began to mistrust the paternity of the child due to all the expenses she has been demanding.

Opeyemi Olagunju, a Nigerian man residing in the US accuses his ex-girlfriend, Akeju Oluwaseun of engaging in paternity fraud.

According to Opeyemi, he had a romantic encounter with Akeju in October 2020 but it was interrupted due to her menstrual cycle. He was upset that she did not inform him and left the hotel in anger, not speaking to her for several months.

In June 2021, he learned that she was pregnant and congratulated her, but did not suspect that he was the father of the child. In September 2022, Akeju contacted Opeyemi and claimed that he was the father of the child.

He believed her and began to provide financial support for the child and suspect. However, when the expenses became too much for him to handle, he decided to conduct a DNA test which revealed that he was not the biological father of the child.

Opeyemi’s Paternity Fraud Case
“In October 2020, I invited my girlfriend over to spend the weekend with me, she is an hairstylist based in Lagos. I booked her ticket to and fro, lodged her in a hotel and we made out.I can’t really say if she knew she was on her period but pretended like she didn’t know. I’m not soo sure but I was really pissed after seeing blood and I left her in the hotel and never went back. I sent her the return ticket and sent her taxi to return her to airport. We never spoke again until December that we had little chat.

We chatted and converse around December 2020, just to check on her and apologize for leaving her in the hotel, not knowing she was pregnant. I got to know she was pregnant via her status in JUNE 2 2021, I was soo shocked and surprised, I congratulated her and the chat ended.

The surprising part: I got a call from her in September 2022 that we need to talk. She started the conversation by telling me what we had then led to the baby. I’ve never been that shocked in my life, I was shaking non stop and all the questions I asked, she couldn’t provide answers to none.

  • How could she have a baby for me without telling me?
  • She had access to me via chat or call and she did not inform me.
  • They did naming ceremony for the baby and used her surname.

I made a group call with her, her mom and all her siblings because I couldn’t handle it all alone. Her mother and herself apologized for not telling me and since then, I’ve been compelled to be sending money for food and care for the baby.

She’s been lamenting over how the baby would start school, I decided to go for DNA test to be sure if the baby in question is mine as the expenses has been climbing so high.

On the 8th March 2023, I got the result in my email that the baby IS NOT MINE.

This issue cost me my relationship cause I told my girlfriend (Now EX) and that was when issue started in relationship without even waiting for the DNA result to be out cause she believed I’d be the father.”

See the result below …

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