US-based Nigerian educator offers N500K to anyone with ability to disappear using juju

A Nigerian educational consultant based in the US, offers a cash reward of N500k to anyone capable of disappearing and appearing using fetish means.

A Nigerian educational consultant identified as Ifeanyi Eze, who is based in the US, offers a cash reward of N500k to anyone who is capable of disappearing and appearing using fetish means.

In a Facebook post by Ifeanyi on Wednesday, he stated that he started the challenge in December 2023, but so far, no one has taken it up.

He reiterated that the N500k prize is still up for grabs, noting that interested individuals must demonstrate the ability to vanish and reappear in the presence of five or more people.

“Last December, I said if you know anyone that can disappear and reappear, I will give them N500k. Till now, we no see anyone. The prize is still valid. Go and get any spiritual person, let him or her disappear in the presence of 5 or more persons. We need verifiable evidence!” he wrote.

Reactions below:

Alexander Onuoha said: “The way some persons believe illusion to be real they funny me….You reason am how person wan disappear come reappear.”

Isaac O Brown said: “I for do am, but the money too small… “I can’t be showing my super powers online for such a small amount, everyone will now know my secret identity… “

Charles John Chukwuma said: “I have my uncle kwechirichukwu, he will do it in seconds no doubt, but he said I should tell you that 500k is small for that make it 1m.”

Prince Getrich said: “My brother, I know about three people who can disappear and reappear, it can be tested with goat or cow in your presence, who can you send to represent you because I know your not in the country, you can inbox ,I will give you their number.”

Gloria Iwuala Page said: “This is what I hear about some guys, the moment they travel outside Nigeria they start seeing things the other way round, some even stop believing in God their creator, some start saying all sort of things regarding to religion, forgetting that most things are real.”

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