Usher serenades and feeds female fan Chocolate during sultry Concert (video)


  • A fan can not contain her excitement after Usher serenaded her in one of his concert while other concertgoers watched.
  • The singer fed her strawberry covered in chocolate.
  • She took to her social media handle to share a video of the experience.

A fan experienced a once in a lifetime moment after Music star, Usher left the stage during one of his concerts to sing to her and then fed her chocolate covered strawberries while onlookers starred in amazement.

During his show at the Dolby Live at Park MGM, one lucky fan got to have an incredibly intimate moment with Usher, which involved him singing to her as he fed her chocolate strawberries.

“Thank you @usher,” the fan, who goes by @trina331 on TikTok, wrote alongside her video of the event.

She added in a separate post: “Thank you so much for all the love! Peace and blessings to you all!”

Watch the video below…

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