Vee Iye reacts to video of lady teaching ladies to drink okro water before visiting their man

Big Brother Naija reality TV star, Vee Ite reacts to a video of a Nigerian lady advising her gender to drink okra water mixed with pineapple before visiting their man.

Big Brother Naija Reality TV star, Vee Iye reacts to a video of a Nigerian lady advising ladies to drink okro water mixed with pineapple juice before visiting their men.

A lady in a viral video shared tips on how to secure their man by drinking okro water before visiting him.

She then went ahead to give a detailed description of the procedure, which included soaking the okro in water for six hours and then consuming it after blending it with pineapple juice.

Vee responded by saying that if a man doesn’t want to be faithful, then all the okro and cloves in the world won’t make him one.

On the X platform, she wrote: “All the Okro and Cloves in the world won’t make that man faithful if he doesn’t want to be 😭”

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See some netizens reactions…
Toochukwu said: “Neither does it make the girl too.. some do it to enjoy utmost pleasure with the man they’re with at the moment.. let them girls be 😌”

Miss Carter asked: “I know what okro does but cloves…??what do they do and how do I use em??😂😂some1 educate me please….”

Chyzee noted: “That concoction looks bitter to me ooo..come paracetamol una drop am inside eba 🤣🤣”

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