Veekee James reveals the amount of money spent on balloons to celebrate her followers

Popular Nigerian fashion designer, Veekee James sparks reactions on social media as she reveals the amount she spent to purchase balloons used fir celebrating her one million Instagram followers.

Popular fashion designer, Veekee James sparks debate online as she reveals how much she spent to buy the balloons she used to celebrate 1 million Instagram followers.

The celebrity designer recently took to her social media to celebrate one million Instagram followers, after she trended over her luxurious wedding.

She also shared stunning photos of herself with dazzling red balloons that matches her red dress.

Veekee James has revealed how much it cost her to purchase the balloons.

She revealed that she had spent over one million naira to purchase the balloons.

She captioned the video that she shared …

“POV: You’ve spent over a million on Baloons so everything must be content! The balloons must work.”

Watch the video:

Check out reactions that followed …
vanessa_casca remarked: “The baloon is not up to 1m”

iksel_xzy commented: “Wait so you guys ACTUALLY believe that these balloons will cost 1m really?!!! Is the country so hard that y’all have forgotten what sarcasm and satire is?!! I thought we were Nigerians? We literally OWN sarcasm😂😂😂😂”

salomebalogun2 scolded: “Pp are out there dieing of hunger day by day,u are using millions for balloon,may God forgive u,go out there and do d needful to pp dat dnt hv.”

__kiki.1 stated: “Whats this people are starving storyyyy…. please quit telling people what you think is good for their moneyy”

sucre_brown_525 wrote: “Hahaha 😂😂😂😂 naso them tell me say ballon 100k on my birthday I swear me n the Vendoor insult ourselves till today I no buy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

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