Victor Osimhen gifts little boy who dressed like him N2.5 million

Nigerian footballer, Victor Osimhen gifts little boy who dressed and imitated him N2.3 million.

Super Eagles player, Victor Osimhen, has garnered admiration and praises of social media users after he gifted a little boy who dressed and imitated his football skills N2.5 milliom

He gave the boy and his family the money after littke boy went vir for wearing a mask that looked like his own.

Popular Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut recently shared a video of the little child holding a football, wearing a jersey, and mask.

Voices in the background of the video could be heard making fun of the youngster and calling him Osimhen. This drew the attention of Osimhen who asked Tunde to help him find the little child.

Quickly stepping up to the plate, Tunde Ednut enlisted the help of content creator Eriq Morak.

“I initially thought this little man was Nigerian. You won’t believe we found him in Ivory Coast.

@eriqmorak found him. He lives in Ivory Coast. I couldn’t see his message, so he reached out to @ogb recently_ and OGB messaged me. I spoke to the family briefly to make sure it was the boy”, Tunde Ednut wrote.

After Victor Osimhen gifted the boy the money, the family of the young boy shared a video expressing gratitude to the footballer for his kind gesture.

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