Video of Oyinbo military men singing Nigerian National Anthem passionately goes viral

A trending video on social media shows a group of white military men singing the Nigerian National Anthem which has since captured the attention of many Nigerians in social media.

A trending video on TikTok shows a group of white military men singing the Nigerian national anthem has captured the admiration of many Nigerians on social media.

The video was shared by user @angelajamo, and has quickly become a viral video, getting over a million views on TikTok.

The video shows white British soldiers singing the anthem ‘Arise, O Compatriots’ in unison.

The surfaced video has sparked widespread praise and positive reactions from Nigerians online.

Netizens Reactions…

Danielle Ella said; “I will say Nigeria is the king of the world because I have never seen any country that does not celebrate Nigeria.”

Dean said; “Nigeria Anthem? I thought about the best piano voice to fit this anthem. That’s lovely . I got to know the Leaders of the country are corrupt.”

Shakers”delight said; “Yekpa!!!! Tinubu’don sell Nigeria, including our national Anthem! a’aye’ooo.”

Nikkykoker said; “If to say I no be Nigerian jealousy for don kill me.”

Isreal Rex said; “What’s going on pls abi dem don buy Nigeria?”

user said; “Who teach oyibo Nigerian National Anthem??”

_henriclex said; “Ghana Anthem wey be like worship song wey dem dey sing for burial.”

LORA said; “Ghana go think say na Justin Bieber’s new song.”

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