Video of white lady who fell back into stream while fetching water goes viral

A viral video shows the moment a whute lady fell while fetching water from the steam.

A video of shows the unexpected fall suffered by a white lady who was trying to get water from the stream.

The video, which has since gone viral with almost 4.5 million views was posted by Nelma Silva, shows the young woman’s seemingly routine task turning sour as she suffers a fall.

In the video, the lady who had finished fetching water, started climbing out of the stream. Her attempts to climb out of the water failed as she loses her footing and fell back into the stream.

Watch the video below:

Netizens Reactions…
@danieleferreira5995 said; “Once, I had a bottle of Martini and went up to the shack like one of those but there was a lot of grass and weeds around it. I fell face down on the ground.”

@leidiana araujo said; “I wish I could live this again if I could go back. It was a difficult time, but it was the best because the family was together. Today, there are many missing. I miss you forever mother, father, brothers and sisters.”

@josepaulo9341 commented; “Life in the countryside is really complicated, but you have to have the wisdom to prepare the land and then you suffer less.”

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