Video showing Mohbad’s injured hand after he allegedly fought with Primeboy at his last show in Ikorodu surface online

A video which show the injured hands sustained by Mohbad during his fight with Prime boy has gibe viral online.

A video making waves on social media shows the hand of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, and injuries he sustained after a fight with his friend, Primeboy in Ikorodu.

The video was shared online days after the Nigerian Police claimed that the injuries sustained by Mohbad as a result of the fight with Primeboy are part of the circumstances that led to his death.

The said video, was captioned, “Wahala Pro Max !!! This was Mohbad’s hand; he called a nurse to come treat him for injuries after he fought with Primeboy at his last show with D’Generals in Ikorodu”.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

See some reactions below:

sureNonny: “‎Mohbad refused going to the hospital to treat this because he was on drugs…& his private nurse was not around B4 they contacted d auxiliary nurse.”

Mus Murphy: “‎You started shifting attention to primeboy.. how about those people in the car with him that make videos? Where are those guys ???”

ogpeller2: “‎this is mohbad hand look closely you we also see is face this guy suffer oooooo God please fight for him.”

Jael Jay: “‎Two things might have happened in that car 1 is maybe Moh found out his best friend was eating with the enemy they fought Prime boy panicked he called.”

Divine DMS Wyre: “‎The rest people make them mention for the matter na people make them use work mohbad kill am.”

Loveth Katie’s: “‎Now I know why the nurse was giving him anti tatanus,if it was not looking swollen she wouldn’t hv the guy hit him wt a poisoned ring dey fight wit.”

Nazzymeldys: “Mohbad hand swole up and the guy the announced his death, his face swole up too. That means dey had a fig#t.”

Ismail Momoh: “‎Una plan no go work…make the so called wife come out come talk. The boys in the car whr them Dey????.”

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