Viral Mummy G.O Fires Back at Landlord Who questioned Her for Buying New Car

A viral Nigerian preacher has been spotted in a video showing her in heated confrontation with the landlord of her house.

The preacher who gained a popularity for her controversial teachings was heard shouting at her landlord who appeared to have confronted her over the purchase of a new car.

The angered woman was heard responding to the landlord in the video.

The enraged preacher was heard explaining how she had not set eyes on the car for two weeks. She added that the landlord started ranting after he saw her trying to drive the car.

According to the evangelist, the landlord’s action is a clear indication that there is wickedness in his heart.

A portion of the video also captured the woman explaining how she’s not owing house rent and the landlord had the audacity to have a talk with her son about the car purchase.

Nigerians on Social media found the video ironical as many expressed surprise that the woman who preaches against worldly things bought a car.

watch the video below:

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