“We will not sleep today” Wife soaks bed with water after husband refused to buy her wig

A viral video has captured the interest of social media users after an angry wife expressed her displeasure with her husband by pouring water on their bed.

A viral video making waves on the social media after she poured water on their matrimonial bed for not buying her a wig.

The video captured the heated encounter between the couple and this has generated a lot of reactions online.

As an act of protest for his inability to procure the wig, the wife decided to drench their marital bed with water.

Their children entered the bedroom during the heated encounter, witnessing their mother pouring a bucket of water on the bed.

They attempted to intervene and pleaded with their mother to cease her actions, but she refused.

She argued that she desires a luxurious life and her husband is not providing her with the life she deserve.

Netizens Reactions:

@wahala_gist19 said; “As I dey carry the bed comot to dry dey carry your load too your Papa house 😂😂😂”.

@vchrisgadgethub said, “Una dey marry people wey dey do competition God forbid 😢”.

@kizz_blogger_ said, “I go first beat her well after finishing beating her I go come send her go her papa house”.

@littletawa__________ said; “If they beat this 1 now ..they go say Kini”.

@manya_pb said; “Haaa she even has kids….. what’s going on here ?

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