“What I ordered vs What I got” – Bride shares ruined traditional wedding dress

A bride narrates her awful experience in the lands of a tailor during her traditional wedding after she was delivered an outfit that was a far outcry from the sample she face a tailor to replicate for her wedding.

A Nigerian bride has recounted her awful wedding outfit experience after a tailor made her an outfit that was totally different from the sample she showed her to replicate.

According to the bride, she asked the tailor to make her a dress similar to the sample sent just some nights before her traditional wedding.

However, a day to the wedding, the tailor delivered a dress that looked slightly different from the sample shown to the tailor.

The bride was not satisfied with this and had to contact another designer to get a breath-taking replica of the original within 12 hours.

Check out reactions below:

anosike_emmanuel_c said: “If you are going to learn how to sew make sure you are learning with pattern e get Why. Some Tailors that cut direct on material are not getting the New designs now.”

ama_gwen remarked: “Understanding your body is very important .”

jibiks_homes stated: “The designer did her best 😂😂”

diary_of_aukgirl commented: “Ibadan tailors at work again”

infinity_comedy1 wrote: “Don’t blame the tailor 😂😂😂😂”

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