“Where did you sleep yesterday” — street preacher question christians who celebrated valentine

Popular street preacher had questioned christians who flaunted his orders of not fornicating on Valentine’s Day as he ask them where they spent the night.

A popular roadside preacher has posed questions to Christians who disobeyed his orders and and decided to fornicate on Valentine’s Day.

The controversial pastor had previously warned that only prostitutes celebrate Valentine and not children of God.

He took to the streets to warn people to desist from any act of formication on that day.

After the celebration ended, he then took to the streets to question why they did not sleep in their homes and why they chose to disobey his instructions.

Watch the video below

Some reactions to the video below

emmy.carther wrote: “No wonder una no complain about heat last night… so all of una lodge under Ac 🌚🌚”

otorroseline said: “Daddy me I’m not there oo I was home eating eba you can check my story evidence dey”

moyosore_olateju_ stated: “After all what daddy said, you people still went for valentine 😏😏😏”

blossom_phemouz asked: “Who else is watching from hotel room??? 😂😂😂😂😂”

pam_ayy advised: “Don’t mind them, they will go to hellfire 😂😂😂😂”

commissionermide added: “Baba, I been dy house o. Nobody even reason my matter. Ordinary text, I no collect. All ye fornicators repent!!!”

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