“Why cheating is a sign of success for Nigerian men” – Joro Olumofin

Popular matchmaker, Joro Olumofin gives an explanation as to why Nigerian men think cheating is a sign of success and an ego boost.

Popular Nigerian matchmaker, Joro Olumofin has explained why cheating is a sign of success and an ego boost for Nigerian men.

In his explanation, Joro said that when a boy has several girlfriends in secondary school, he his hailed as a “bad guy” by his pairs.

Also in the University, a man with four girlfriends could be praised for being the “correct guy.”

Joro Olumofin discloses that some universities even honor these people by giving out medals and awards for the “ladies man of the year.”

Olumofin also disclosed that having several side girlfriends might result in friends praising you like a “stallion” even after you’re married.

He noted that this is deeply rooted in their subconscious that are created by patterns from his childhood and impact a man’s decisions on commitment.

In his words: “Cheating is a sign of Success, Stamina, and an Ego Boost for Nigerian men. In Secondary School if a Boy has 3 girlfriends he’s a ” Bed Guy ” his friends will laud him In University if a guy has 4 girlfriends he’s a “correct Guy” – His friends will hail him -Some universities even give awards “Ladies man of the Year” to acknowledge him. As a married man if he has 3 Side cheks. His friends will call him “Idan, Stallion, Rambo” This behavior has been imprinted in his cognition throughout his childhood. When it’s time to commit to 1 woman it becomes difficult. Men who are loyal to 1 woman are referred to as Mumu in Nigeria.”

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