“Why I chose to get married late” Stan Nze’s, Blessing Obasi

Nigerian actress and producer, Blessing Obasi has opened up about why she decided to get married late and how she felt alienate before marriage.

Nigerian actress Blessing Obasi has opened up on why she decided to get married late while sharing her feeling alienated before marriage.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, February 6th, Blessing Obasi spoke about her experience in response to a discussion about being single and the difficulties and pressures women feel.

The mother of one said that marrying later in life was not just a decision she made; it was also a process of resilience, self-discovery, and defying social expectations.

Blessing Obasi says;

“You know, I had to jump on this conversation because, after several years of feeling like an outsider in a world that often equates a woman’s worth with her marital status, I’ve finally stepped into a chapter that I crafted on my own terms.

“Getting married at an older age wasn’t just a choice; it was a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and breaking free from societal norms that tried to dictate my happiness.

“The pressure and stigma were like unwelcome shadows, whispering doubts and casting long, lonely nights. But in those moments of solitude, I found strength. I learned that love isn’t a race, nor is marriage a trophy for early achievement. It’s about finding someone who understands the chapters of your past and wants to write the future ones with you.

“So here I am, not a bride of youthful naivety, but a woman adorned in the wisdom of her years, ready to embark on a shared journey of love, respect, and partnership. And to those still walking their path, remember: your life, your pace, your story. Embrace it,”

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