Why I held back from beating up Portable – Kesari speaks after fight with singer

Controversial influencer, Kesari Okpala breaks his silence after his face off with singer Portable, reveals reasons for not fighting the singer.

Controversial Nigerian influencer, Kesari Okala breaks the silence following his face-to-face clash with singer, Portable, reveals his reasons for not fighting the singer.

This came after of the dou went viral after they met at the famous Computer Village in Lagos, creating a scene that almost turned into physical fight.

Their physical altercation is as a result of a long-standing beef over who is the original bearer of the name ‘Kesari’, Portable in the video was seen hitting the influencer twice while yelling at each other.

In a follow-up video on his page, Kesari revealed that he intention held back from beating Portable to stupor to avoid being seen as a ‘hooligan.’

In his words, “Okay now Nigerians, if I had handled the guy for you, you’d have called me a hooligan. Who does that? This is pain!”

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