Why I was never sexually harassed in the industry – Cynthia Morgan spills

Dancehall queen, Cynthia Morgan, also known as Maderina has opened up on how she prevented some players in the industry from sexually harassing her.

Former Dancehall singer, Cynthia Morgan, known as Madrina, has opened up on how she prevented industry players from sexually harassing her.

Cynthia Morgan spoke about her experiences with sexual harassment in the music industry in a post deleted post on her Instagram story.

Cynthia Morgan emphasised that she had never experienced harassment like this. She attributed this to her forceful interpersonal skills and tomboyish manner for this.

She noted that this is the situation faced by most Nigerian female singers and how it impacts their aspirations to be successful in the music industry.

In her words:

“When I tell people I never witnessed sexual harassment in the music industry they are always surprised. Firstly, in real life, I was a tomboy and secondly, I always use to threaten people on how I will import people from Benin to fuck everybody up. Then they fear me for that Lagos.

It’s just so sad how being feminine and wanting to be successful makes you prey. I really pray for a better Nigeria/world.
Stay tough.
God will see us through”.

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