Widow heartbroken after returning from husband’s burial to meet her shops empty

A heartbroken widow shares in an emotional video what thieves did to her shops while she was away for her husband’s burial.

In an emotional video shared by a heartbroken widow shows what was left of her two shops after I was raised by thieves when she went for her husband’s burial.

The woman known as @chiegefaith on TikTok shared the sad video showing how her former shop which was once filled to the brim with goods is now empty.

She did not reveal how exactly it had dwindled, but she shared how her shop used to look like before her husband’s burial and how it now is after the burial.

Sharing video, she wrote …

“I came back from my husband’s burial and my two shops are gone. Tempting came once but I know I will overcome it soon.”

Watch the video below:

Netizens reactions below:

Felix Osuwa said: “May God bless our hustle.”

@adunniOmonile001 said: “May God make it easy for us.” Monday said: “God we help you.”

@jbabyg reacted: “So sorry nwaanyioma.”

Angel reacted: “So sorry God will provide for you.”

@patienceigwe2 said: “The God of widows will surely come through for you.”

@modamary reacted: “Sorry dear.” Stasia reacted: “So sorry ma.”

@chiiangel668 said: “It shall be well with you.”

Sugarmamaihe said: “May God come through for you.”

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