Wife drags husband online for refusing to add her name on documents of all his properties

A wife drags her husband online for refusing to include her name in all the documents of his properties.

A wife drags her husband on a relationship platform for refusing to include her name in all the documents of his properties, considers divorcing him.

The wife shared her problem to a financial advisor on social media as she laments about her plight.

According to her, her husband consults her when he’s about to make some investments, he consults her advice but never includes her name only his name is on the documents.

She described him as selfish and expressed fear of what will become of her if they should divorce.

She wrote …

Greetings Ssalongo Ssali. I got a boyfriend when I was still 16 years. We promised to marry when we get ready, hopefully after school.

He graduated before me. He got a job before I started working. He was patient until I completed school. We are now living together and we have 2 kids.

He’s such a wise and caring man and I loved him mostly for his wisdom. He’s a man from a very poor family like me but he has worked hard to become who he is today. He’s by any definition a rich man now. Personally I haven’t yet started serious working. He’s still the sole provider and he provides for us very well.

The only problem I came to find in him is that, when he wants to make any financial or investment decision, he consults me first, but he completes it alone. He has actually acquired all assets only in his names. I first spent 2 years with him before conceiving but during that period, he bought 3 plots in his names without including my name on documents as his wife. Atleast as a witness! He has 4 motocycles that make for him money but all in his names!

Recently, he bought a car. This man consulted me about the decision and I seconded him. But he went in a bond a lone and the card shows only his names.

This man has a selfish heart and this makes me feel insecure in this marriage. What if we divorce? What possession will I have to show? I really don’t know. I feel so stressed. I have kept all his documents but sometimes I feel like destroying all of them because of anger!

Is this how all other men hundle such decisions in marriage? What can i do to be part of his property and assets? Guide me please.”

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