Wife who squandered her husband’s N10m breaks silence, reveals how she spent the money

The wife of a Nigerian man who claimed that squandered N10 million he gave her to buy a land has addressed his claim.

The wife of the man who claimed that his wife squandered N10million he sent to her for land, has has stepped addressed the allegations.

The story was shared on Facebook by user Kelvin Onovo who took to his Facebook to post the woman’s detailed response to her husband’s accusations.

According to the information obtained from the woman’s message to Kelvin’s DM, she clarified that the actual amount sent by her husband was N9.8 million in 2022, not the stated N10 million.

She explained that during that period when the money was sent, her mother was critically ill, and the funds were used for medical bills, which exceeded 3 million.

Tragically, her mother eventually passed away, and the remaining money was used for funeral expenses.

The woman emphasized that she could watch her mother die when there were funds available to help.

She also stated that provided a breakdown of how the money was spent, with 2.6 million remaining after covering the medical and burial expenses.

She claimed that her angry husband, asked her to use the surplus and she used the money to secure a better living arrangement instead of letting the money go to waste.

She said she felt insulted and asserted that her husband’s actions implied a lack of regard for her.

“…This man sent me money about 9.8m sometimes last year when my mom was almost dying at the hospital but he insisted I use the money for what it was sent for. I can’t watch my mom die when there’s money to save her life at least. “Her hospital bill took over 3m and later we made some other expenses including her burial because we later lost her. “So, at the end I sent him a breakdown of how the money was spent which was remaining about 2.6m and he angrily asked me to finish it up. I had to get us a better apartment instead of Watching the remaining money waste.

“How can my husband be sending money to his brother to build us a house and expect me to be happy even after I have given him account of how we spent the money he sent earlier. It is an insult to me and I feel he doesn’t rate me at all. As for a new wife, I de wait,” the wife said in part.

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Netizens Reactions…
Glory King said; “You shouldn’t be rated and you are not deserving of trust! “You mean you squandere 9.8 million just like that and have the audacity to be entitled? Wow…Bravo! “Anyway you are very lucky woman with kind of husband you married. “Nonsense!”

Jennifer Edmond said; “You would have discussed with him before spending his money,he worked for it and how got the money but you spent it like it was nothing.”

Jane Williams said; “Kelvin abeg is this man from Anambra state cos if he’s from Anambra state Jesus I don’t know Wetin for they happen cos he’s just a nice man awww. “Plss wife apologize to your husband. “Husband forgive your wife please … “Settle yourselves enwere ebe eji nsogbu aga.”

Nazzy Mbah said; “If at all you both have kids he can always take care of them till their are of Age to decide whom to stay with if it’s the Father or the mother where no get brain.”

Nwajagu Emeka Mmesoma – Majik said; “Did you seek for his consent before spending the money on your mum? “Money don enter your hand, you don dey feel like minister of finance! “Now, out of anger, he asked you to finish it up, and youu got a better apartment with #2.6m. “Relax, isi gi ga epe mpe very soon. “Asa odogwu, yet you don’t have sense!!!!

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