Woman allegedly kills her two sons over their late father’s properties

A woman has been paraded in Enugu after she confessed to killing her son’s over her husband’s properties.

A woman in Enugu state has been paraded round the village after she confessed to killing her sons over her late husband’s properties.

In a videos circulating online, the elders of the village could be seen questioning the woman after her second son, named Emmanuel Chidera, died at the age of 22.

A social media user claimed that one of the woman’s dead sons said that his mother should be held responsible if anything happens to him.

Another claimed the mother had remarried a man from Kogi State and he encouraged her to sell off her late husband’s properties.

When she was confronted by her children to stop selling their father’s properties, they died after the confrontation.

After the confession, palm fronds were placed on her neck and she was paraded around the village while people followed and cursed her.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:


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