Woman calls off wedding after finding out that her fiancé slept with multiple men in college

A woman calls off her wedding after she discovered that her fiancee was intimate with men back in college.

A woman calls off her wedding with her fiancée after finding out that he was involved in intimate relationships with men back in college.

In the viral video which was posted online, couple could be heard arguing with vehemently stating get married to him.

According to the lady, her fiancee slept with men while in college, which is something she had no prior knowledge about.

She also accused him of sleeping with his male best friend in college as well.

In his defense, the man claimed he was extremely curious and loved experimenting in college. He told her however that it was all in the past.

However, the woman still insisted on calling off the wedding, but the man asserts that they must get married, calling her out for judging him over something that happened a long time ago.

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