Woman chase her guests out if the 70th birthday party for not buying Asoebi

A seventy years old lady has set tongues wagging after she ordered her guests to leave her birthday party if they failed to purchase the uniform for the party.

A viral video captures the moment a celebrant in United Kingdom chased some if her guests out of her birthday party for refusing or failing to buy the asoebi for the party.

The celebrant who organized the party made it mandatory for all guest to have a uniform outfit. However some guest failed to meet up with this requirement.

After the guests were seated at the party and having their meal, the celebrant ceased the opportunity to punish those who defaulted by asking them out of her party.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:


See how netizens reacted below:

ocheihotukada asserted: “Even if i bought the asoebi i would stand up and leave!! This is the height of irresponsibility”

ladyque_1 said: “What sort of irresponsible behavior is this?? She would’ve said no aso ebi, no entrance”

holy_spireet reacted: “Even if I buy the Asoebi and wore it to the event, I’ll stand up and ask everyone I came with to leave. This is very uncalled for. Radarada Look at the woman wey dey talk self as she be like Akpo ewa”

_lov_issabella opined: “But some people go buy aso ebi and not wear it ,,,no be everyone get time to sew clothes”

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