Woman marries dead husband in church after his death, gives reason

A woman identified as Beatrice from Kenya is in the news for getting married to her husband in church even after his death.

A woman identified as Beatrice from Kirinyaga County, Kenya, makes headlines for fulfilling her late husband’s dream of a church wedding, even after his death.

The woman and her husband, Gitari, had been together since their traditional marriage in 1988.

However, the couple were unable to formalize their marriage and had both harboured the desire to formalize their union in a church ceremony.

Unfortunately, a week before they were set to exchange vows, her husband died.

According to details shared by Beatrice in a conversation with Derrick Mbugua on Facebook, the couple had planned their church wedding after years of longing for the occasion.

Gitari her husband had even paid her dowry before his sudden death passed away.

Just ten minutes before they were scheduled to say their vows, Gitari succumbed to an unexpected ailment which led to his death.

Despite the overwhelming grief, Beatrice made a remarkable decision to honor her late husband’s wish.

She proceeded with the wedding ceremony as planned, and exchanged vows with Gitari posthumously.

On the day of the funeral, amidst a gathering of family and friends, Beatrice solemnly pledged her eternal love to her departed husband.

With tears in her eyes, she placed a wedding ring on Gitari’s finger, fulfilling his dream of a church wedding, even in death.

The extraordinary event reportedly took place in Kirinyaga County.

“Today I visited this home of now a widow madam Beatrice who wedded her dead husband mr Gitari . We had a very long conversation,they are very outspoken family kind and welcoming.
Our conversation was smooth every step at a time . She got married to the late Gitari in 1988 they had always wished to do a church wedding.They are blessed with 2 children boys who are adults now with their own families .
Why she made the decision to do a wedding and family . The two had finally planned the wedding , months back Gitari went and paid a bride price and also asked for permission traditionally to do a wedding
All was set having bought all that was needed for the big day but a week to the wedding the unexpected happened. The man complained of some unusual feeling and in just 10 minutes he was no more .
This was a difficult moment for Beatrice and family .She finally made the decision to do a wedding followed by the burial same day . The people came to witness this events taking place , she finally took the vows and in the mortuary she put the wedding ring to her late husband mr Gitari.
He died and his wish fulfilled even in death. She will forever be greatful to God for all things work for his Glory .She says though the husband was not there to take her for a honey moon but making his wish come true meant alot.” Derrick wrote on Facebook.

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