Woman narrates how her husband bought a land despite struggling to give birth at low-budget hospital


  • A business woman has narrated how she risked her life to deliver her baby in a dilapidated hospital even though her husband had money to pay for a better hospital.
  • She said she was forced to give birth in the hospital thinking that they was no money not knowing that her husband had enough fund to purchase a land.
  • She also expressed her resentment for her husband due to the difficulty she faced during childbirth.

Businesswoman narrates how she risked her life to deliver her baby in a low-budget hospital, even though her husband had the money to pay for better medical care.

@madamolu, who expressed her dissatisfaction on Twitter, revealed that she was compelled to give birth in a health centre due to a “lack of funds,” ignorant of the fact that her husband had sufficient money.

Despite the difficulty she faced during natural delivery, she persisted because she believed that a caesarean section (CS) was beyond their financial means. However, she was stunned to learn that her now ex-husband purchased a piece of land a week after the birth of their child.

In her words;

“I remember when I was giving birth struggling for my life and unable to push the baby out in a dilapidated health center cos I couldn’t afford a good Hospital & my supposedly father of the child was watching me fight for my life while he has a lot of money in his acct & bag then

And poor me was praying while on hospital bed for more strength, cos I was almost gone and I thought we couldn’t afford CS , alas baby came out with lots of tears and placenta rupture, the next week the Oga got a Landed property????????‍???????? Selfishness at its peak ????.”

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