Woman sad and heartbroken as husband set to marry another wife

A Nigerian woman has been left heartbroken and in tears as she discovers that her husband is getting ready to marry another wife.

A woman could not hide her sadness and tears as she discovers that her husband is getting set to marry another wife.

The emotional turmoil faced by this woman was shared by her niece, Meera Abdul.

Meera Abdul took to social media to share the distressing situation and how her aunt was taken aback by the unexpected announcement.

According to Meera’s account, her aunt has been inconsolable since learning about her husband’s decision to take another wife.

She wrote;

“This aunty of mine, her husband is getting married to another woman.

“She’s been crying her eyes out. I feel bad for her.”

See the post below:

The revelation has sparked a wave of sympathy and support from social media users, with many expressing their empathy for the aggrieved woman.

Netizens Reactions..
@gaiasangelbaby said; “Sending her virtual hugs. Let her know that choosing herself is on the other side of heartbreak, and it’s absolutely worth it.”

@fromageDoux said; “I lost my aunt in a similar situation. High blood pressure and she built everything from the ground up with a man who decided to remarry. Encourage your aunt to rise. He is not her lifeline! She will be okay. Remind her she matters.”

@sia_tee said; “If it’s harming her so much, she doesn’t need to stay. Sending all my love to her ❤️”

@deenprogress said; “May Allah grant your aunt solace to weather this period and the best of everything good she desires afterward.”

@Toriaa__a said; “I’ve always wondered how these women felt because it seems like the religion approves, and they should automatically be okay with it. 🤦‍♀️”

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