Woman seeks advice over her family member’s exorbitant demands on her husband

A marrued woman takes to social media to seek advice on how to peacefully end the demands of her family members from her husband.

A married woman seeks advice on social on how to peacefully end the unnecessary demands of her family members from her husband.

The woman in a note to a relationship adviser spoke on how her family members are always making exorbitant demands on her husband since they relocated to America.

According to her, they always go behind her back to make these huge monetary demands from her husband without consideration.

She also added that she has made efforts to talk to her mother but all she got in return was emotional manipulation of how she’s eating the fruit of her labour.

How my family members ask for money from my husband without mercy
“How do I handle this issue? I got married to my husband March 2022 and we both relocated to America April last year. I have a baby of four month old.

My husband is rich and he his the only son of his parents, but i have three other siblings I’m the last child. My elder brother does not call me for money he only calls my husband. He called my husband three times last week for money.

Last month my sis called my husband behind my back that she wants to open a tailoring shop and my husband sent her 1 million naira. My husband opened a provision shop for my mom in Benin September last year and this shop closed down December last year and my mom said she can’t work on provision that my husband should open a foodstuff business which he did in January.

And just yesterday my mom called my husband that she needed a car becuase she can’t be going (to and fro) to get food stuff that he should consider her age then my husband cut the call without saying anything.

My mom called me and told me what my husband did and I begged her to stop all this things she’s doing that was how she started crying that she’s just eating the fruit of her labour and all that.

My mom in-law stays with us for omugo she also lives in america. She told me this morning to beg my family to live her son alone that he has done enough for us.

That if not for the love she has for her son she’d never let him marry a Benin lady (my husband is from anambra). Please how do I stop my family before they break my home? Sorry for the long story.”

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