Woman shares how her daughter almost died at Dowen College

In the heat of rage online over the death of a Dowen College student, Sylvester oromoni a woman has shared a story of how her daughter almost died in the school.

According to a story by Lizzy Kalu on Instagram, her last daughter who was a student of the said school fell sick and was admitted for weeks at the school’s sickbay.

Mrs Kalu added that the school made no effort to contact her family until one of her children in the school put a call through.

Read her story below …

“All my children attended Dowen College. I feel the urge to speak up now because of the death of Sylvester Oromoni whose death would’ve been avoided if the school acted like they owe a duty of care to their students.

Years ago, my last daughter, Amarachi became very sick, almost at the point of death while in school. She was kept in the sick bay and the school did not call me. My other daughters who attended the school at the same time as my last daughter used someone’s phone to call me to pick up Amarachi.

Rather than the school be grateful I was called to pick up my very sick child, they were instead very angry I was called and disciplined my other two children who called.

It’s terrible that dowen college keeps breaching their duty of care towards children they are supposed to nurture and protect. This is an example of where their negligence toward their children could’ve escalated. However in the case of Sylvester, their negligence ended in the death of a child. I hope the family of Sylvester gets justice in this matter. The vice principal Mr. Olusesi has been in that school for over 10 years and he is manipulative and wicked. #justiceforsylvester #justiceforsylvesteroromoni.”

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