Woman shares what she saw after putting a camera in her maid’s room

A woman who installed a CCTV without the knowledge of her house help captures her unexpected behavior.

A woman has shared a video of her maid’s unexpected behaviour after she placed a CCTV camera in her room without her knowledge.

The video was shared on her TikTok with the handle @anitah_don_boo, and has since gone viral.

The video, showed the housemaid dancing energetically in her room.

In the clip, the housemaid can be seen deeply engrossed in her dance, oblivious to the presence of the camera.

However, not everyone found the video lighthearted. Some netizens criticize the madam for invading her maid’s privacy.


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Netizens Reactions…
@prince fidel said; “I don’t see the problem with itThe kids are okay, she is happy.”

@user3778055881882 said; “Y in her room aii even if u don’t trust her but not her room mxm.”

@janemagdalin said; “Means she’s happy and comfortable at your home, your kids are safe.”

Senyonjo Denismaaso said; “She has eaten well and satisfied but give her off to see her happiest moment.” maina lucy…..

@4747 said; “She is like….continue watching me…I don’t caresee what mamaa gave me.”

@liz said; “Very funny as long as kids are happy no problem.”

@Lily Tee said; “CCTV in her roomso it means she doesn’t have privacy at all so you even watch her while she is changing.”

@Mai.. self said; “She shares the room with kids even if it’s me I would put it there.”

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