Yetunde Bakare Lambasts Nigerian man who blames death of lady who died from BBL procedure on female celebrities


  • Popular Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare has lambasted a Nigerian man who blame celebrities for the current rise in BBL surgery.
  • In a viral video the man blamed female celebrities for the type of advise they give, the bad example they set.
  • This is coming shortly after a lady identified as Destiny died from complications arising from a liposuction surgery.

Actress Yetunde Bakare has lambasted a Nigerian man who blames certain societal ills on female celebrities.

The man in a viral video criticized the unethical advice given by many celebrities, claiming that they are setting a bad example for the younger generation, despite their role as mentors and influencers in society.

In the video he said: ‘I blame female celebrities because all they do is promote their yansh online and then they post house, cars and all the younger girls who look up to them think that from the yansh that is house they buy these things.’

This comes after a 20 year old female identified as Destiny died after a failed Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

Following this Nollywood actress begged to differ, stating that she is only role models to her child and immediate family members. She noted that lack of contentment and failed parenting are the major factors that makes the youngsters misbehave.

In the lengthy post she wrote:
Firstly I BAKARE YETUNDE ADUNOLA beg to DIFFER with my full chest ! As much as I don’t like to be a role model to any stranger except my son and close family members who really know who I am ….. I can boldly say i don’t follow the multitude or feel pressured to belong ????

It’s so sad that a lot of Parents have failed in raising their Children hence making them come to social media to search for Role model !

My LOVELY PARENTS are my ROLE MODEL… Iya Deeper no get yansh and she’s absolutely beautiful inside out ♥️ Pastor Bakare is contented doing the work of God ???? and I love them like that ♥️

A CONTENTED MIND is a PERPETUAL FEAST ???? if you die trying to emulate your role model your death won’t stop the world from existing ‼️????‍????

You can say anything about me but if you want to be honest you’ll know I’m always trying to Encourage young ones on my page even when people attack me that I’m always forming saint but henceforth let everybody do whatever they like ????

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