Young girl goes viral for praying by roadside

A young girl has gone viral on social media over her decision to stop and part by the roadside during time for her prayers.

A young Nigerian girl sets social media on fire over her decision to stop and pray by the roadside during time for prayer.

A video which generated reactions on social media shows a Muslim girl’s disregard for her immediate environment as she choice the roadside to observe a prayer.

The child dropped her school bag and focused on her prayers, neglecting passersby as prayers could be heard coming from a nearby mosque in honour of the Friday Jumat prayer.

She has been applauded for dedication to her religion.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below:
olawunmilives said: “This is beautiful Buh wrong at same time. May Almighty Allah guide her!”

fashdbadguy1 stated: “I’m a Christian and I can tell you all Islamic religion is the most respected religion ❤️ I see no crime or wrongs in what she’s doing ✌️.”

u.n.d.e.r.a.t.e.d said: “The Day I Respect the Religion ISLAM was when I saw my friend doing Abolution with Sand because the water got finished and it is not good to miss Jummah Prayers and Pray it alone later. Even me as a Christian I dey go church 1hr to closing time.”

thisleksam said: “That’s bad, on the road and in a dirty area, even God said do not worship me on the road or open places.”

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