Young lady celebrates as she becomes first pilot in her family (video)

An elated young lady takes to her social media to share her achievement as she becomes the first pilot in her family.

A young lady identified by her TikTok handle as Ngcwelekazi takes to her TikTok to celebrate her achievement of becoming the first pilot in her family.

Her family and friends came to celebrate with her with hugs and bouquet of flowers.

The lady shared a video documenting her journey and graduation from flight school on her social media platform @ngcwelekazimakulen.

The video also captured her being adorned with the official insignia of a certified private pilot.

She wrote;

“First Pilot of the family… GRATEFUL.”

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

See some reactions…

@lokomelanin said; “I’m proud of her without even knowing her.”

@Hallebberry commented; “Beauty and the brains and that’s on our queen. Many safe and happy flights.”

@Hlobisa Shongwe commented; “You are so shy, it’s so cute.”

@thandobongiwensel said: “Black excellence. Proud of you sis.”

@kairodeevanchiey said: “Good example to all ladies out there.”

@asimbonge onomusa said: “Congratulations. Future pilots let’s gather here.”

@Pillow said; “You just made your mom proud, darling. It’s every parent’s dream to see their own prosper.”

@NoM commented: “I’ve never been more proud of someone I do not even know. Congratulations you’re a star.”

@Kachi reacted; “When I grow up, I want to be a pilot. Do you still remember? Congratulations to you.”

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