Young lady fired for refusing to work on Saturdays despite N70K salary

A lady has revealed how she was fired by her boss for refusing to work on Saturdays despite a salary lesser than N100k

A young Nigerian lady who worked as a personal assistant to the CEO of a real estate company shares how she got fired after refusing to work on Saturdays despite a salary lesser than N100K.

The lady identified as Jimmy Julia on TikTok, took to her page to share her experience working with the company. She revealed that she was fired following the disagreement with her boss.

Julia said that she was dismissed after refusing his demand to work on a Saturday despite her significant contributions to the company.

Julia revealed that she felt uncomfortable with the request to work on a weekend and expressed her concerns to the management.

However, upon returning to work the following Monday, Julia discovered that she had been fired from her job where she was earning a salary of N70,000.

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Reactions below:
giftyehi said: “You did wrong dear, you would have asked for compensation or calming explain to your boss.”

Irajon said: “You are not the one to tell your boss how u will work for them. 48 law of power number said never outshine your master, u can resign if you are not okay.”

Ramaj said: “My advice to you, start sharing all your experiences about real estates on your media handles, alots of company will invite you.”

Emmy/realtor said: “My dear regardless of all that Happened that just 70k is not a joke oo…most people aren’t earning that amount, learn to be calm.”

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