“You’re not doing any woman a favor when you ask her to marry you” — Solomon Buchi

Popular relationship expert and lifestyle coach, Solomon Buchi has shared his two cents regarding marriage and how men should feel when married.

Popular Nigerian lifestyle coach and writer, Solomon Buchi, gives his candid advice to men in regards to the value if marriage in a woman’s life.

In a recent post, he revealed that when a man proposes to a woman, he is not doing her a favor.

He also pointed out that and it is important for a man to drop the notion that women need marriage to make their lives better.

He also added that Nigerian men should stop watching too much nollywood where those kind of ideas sprout from.

“Dear men,

When you’re asking a woman to marry you, you’re not saving her. You’re not taking away her shame; there’s no shame there. You’re not doing her a favour. Stop sounding like she needs to marry you to get life fixed, and if she rejects you, she won’t suffer, neither would she regret it.

You’re not the only great guy as you’ve made yourself believe. Reduce watching Nollywood too.”

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