“Yul Edochie is mocking the Christian faith” – Solomon Buchi

Nigerian life coach and writer, Solomon Buchi has criticized famous actor, Yul Edochie for mocking the Christian faith for opening ministry.

Nigerian writer and coach, Solomon Buchi, has criticized famous actor, Yul Edochie, for mocking the Christian faith with his ministry.

Recall that Yul Edochie launched his online church, The Salvation Ministry (TSM), last week and held his inaugural sermon on Sunday, January 28th on YouTube.

Solomon Buchi reaction to this noted that the actor is making a caricature of the Christian faith, particularly through his acts, which contradict his preachings.

He mentioned how Edochie cheated on his wife, May, with colleague Judy Austin, which culminated in them having a child together.

In a lengthy X post, Buchi stated that it is impossible to determine whether Yul is serious about his ministry or simply being sarcastic.

He also spoke about his mental health suggesting that the movie star be taken in for mental care since he has been through a lot for the past months.

He wrote; “Yul Edochie is making a caricature of the Christian faith. From cheating on his wife, getting another woman pregnant and being caught, to claiming polygamy is normal and okay, and now to open a ‘ministry’ claiming God called him. No doubt, God can call anyone, but there’s a whole structure to the logistics of starting a ministry.

Who is Yul Edochie’s spiritual father? What church does he even currently attend? Who discipled him? In the past months, he’s been involved in adultery and polygamy, which the Lord can forgive, but why is his ministry launch so close to a vulnerable season, for which he needs repentance and healing?

Yul has been through quite a lot in the past months, and he might need intensive mental care. This charade isn’t helping and all he needs is Jesus and reflective time to morph into a better man. It’s hard to tell if his ‘ministry’ is sarcastic or real, but whatever it is, it is still embarrassing to the Christian faith. Get your life and family together first, Yul.”

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