Daniel Regha sparks reaction as he joins Tshwala Bami dance challenge

Controversial social media critic, Daniel Regha generates reactions online as he jumps on the Tshwala Bami dance challenge.

Controversial Twitter critic, Daniel Regha has generated amusing reactions on social media as he jumps on the Tshwala Bami dance challenge.

On the X, Daniel Regha posted a video of himself dancing to the Tshwala Bami jam in a remote area.

He stated that he perfected the challenge since the Tshwala Bam dance was made for him.

He wrote: “Leave this Tshwala Bam dance for me; I finish work…🔥”

Watch the video below:


valking said: “This Werey go dey dance for evil forest sha 😂😭”

BASH-AAR wrote: “Make Bandits jam you for there”

sahmeey stated: “This video na better meme material 😂”

DAMILOLA wrote: “you get kwashiokor or wetin be this?”

NYS noted: “When I started watching I thought you needed money for surgery until I heard the song”

Dapsy said: “Of all places to dance, you choose the evil forest of Nnewi South”

the_beardedsina penned: “Daniel👏👏👏👏👏……top notch Dance steps… Michael Jackson would be screaming 😱”

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