Rihanna faces heavy criticism over her recent outfit

Popular American singer, Rihanna faces heavy criticism over her recent outfit on the cover of an interview for a magazines latest issue.

Popular American singer, Rihanna has faced criticism on social media with her recent outfit, portraying herself as a “sexy nun” on the cover of Interview Magazine’s latest issue.

In the provocative photoshoot, the singer posed as a “sexy nun,” dressed in a black and white habit traditionally worn by members of religious orders.

Accompanying the habit was an unbuttoned blouse that exposed her cleavage.

Many fans and observers took to the comments section to voice their concerns, accusing the singer disrespecting the Christian and Catholic faiths with her portrayal.

Watch the video below,:

Netizens Reactions…
liza.kondrevich said; “I am crying, shaking this is masterpiece.”

chr001 said; “Thats NOT okay.”

karima_graham_ said; “Whyyyyyy just leave all religions in peace I’m not Christian and I feel bothered watching things like this.”

charliebakhos said; “You look demon possessed. I’m going to offer up a few prayers for your soul!.”

missambrose.mua said; “Delete.”

halfcocoabean said; “Would never see this happen to any other religion.”

ari.oro95 said; “By the looks of the comments she might have to pull this one back and think about the image and what it represents !!! I am soo happy people are defending their religion more and standing up for what it’s right. I love Rihanna but this is a hard NO and I know she sees it like fashion and all that but nope.”

sashawestphotography said; “What is this obsession with mocking religion? Imagine if you mocked Islam like this? Just stop and get creative in other ways. So wrong in so many ways.“

Injmodic said; “What are you thinking. May God forgive you.”

saleem._1212 said; “This looks disrespectful to Catholics.”

chinesenicky said; “Of any looks in the world her an her team choose to disrespect God?!’ This isn’t the attention you want.”caliauto.em said; “USA gives u satan worshipers too much freedom shame on u.”

kuronootoko said; “Girl I’m an ATHEIST even I was like “oh..”

superkunle said; “Not sure who planned and advised this, but it’s leaving a very bad taste!! Why this mockery of Christianity? Why?!?!.”

iam_domoo said; “Out of all the creative things you could do though.”

jonesybbe23 said; “This is so wrong.”

only1aray said; “Christianity gets disrespected way too openly.”

londonoli said; “Mocking Christianity as usual! Would you mock another religion like Islam? No so why mock Christian’s?.”

ashleyraecm said; “Babe you didn’t have to do this.”

opt_rokaia said; “I am a Muslim, but this is an insult to the Christian religion. Joke with everything except religions!.”

ritasalmo said; “This is NOT OK!!!!.”

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