Moment lady rejects man’s public proposal

A video online shows the moment a lady rejected her mad proposal in public, fllings the ring .

A video that has stirred mixed reactions online shows the moment a lady rejects her man’s marriage proposal in public, removes and flings away the engagement ring.

In the video, the young man went down on his knees within the school environment to propose marriage to his lady.

She was very reluctant t accept the proposal but was inclined to hug the guy and accept the ring.

When the guy attempted removing the cap on her head she got upset and knocked off his hand.

She began rejecting his touch and soon stormed away fuming, while pulling off the ring angrily.

TikTok user, adeife1067 who shared the video wrote …

“Naso the Girl commot the ring 😂Con throw am away 😂God Abeg”

The incident reportedly occurred at Ekiti State University.

Watch the video below:


Naso the Girl commot the ring 😂Con throw am away 😂God Abeg

♬ original sound – adetutujoy1

Check out reactions that followed …
EMMA✨🤡🚀 said: “Na today that guy go download COD 😂”

BIG OLAMI🌸 remarked: “Are you sure the girl is okay?”

Sodiq NBA🤾‍♀️💭👑💎 opined: “That’s good for him✍ your mate dey find money werey dey propose to girl”

Oritoke😍💓💖💗 stated: “This girl can never see husband again 😂😢Ashe Waa”

Richie💰 commented: “proposing to a girl in public is at your own risk 🙌

Opzyxchange observed: “Abeg no be 6s plus the guy Dey use so ? The girl Dey use iPhone 13😂😂”

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