Nigerian lady gets fined €1200 for downloading movies in Germany

Nigerian lady gets the biggest cultural shock of her life after she was fined a huge sum of money for downloading movies online in Germany.

Nigerian lady gets biggest cultural shock oh her life after being fined the huge sum of €1200 for downloading movies online in Germany.

The lady who migrated to the European country from Nigeria was in deep shock upon discovering that her actions were considered a crime.

She shared the video to her Tiktok page, @pricelessmunachimso, where she warned others who were not aware of the situation.

She narrated how she used her husband’s phone to download some movies, only for him to get an email shortly after, informing him to pay his fine.

According to her, she was still new in the country and had no idea how the system works.

Watch the video below:

Here are some reactions to her video below

@witt advised: “This is what you have to do. Send them a letter that your phone downloaded the movie with your knowledge. It was the first time this happened to you. They asked me to pay 850€ 6 yrs ago. I paid nothin”

@DJ DanBukky added: “I did not even download any move they send me 1k to pay or i go to court because I entered the site”

@Tallosas2 said: “It takes alot of them time..creativities..and resources to make that movies !!!”

@riddim_aka_scratcher added: “not just downloading even streaming is against the law just be careful of what you stream”

@forex drill said: “you no go try am again”

@mark claimed: “It’s against the law because it’s stealing. As a matter of fact it’s against the law everywhere, just that most countries don enact such laws.”

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