Lady confronts another woman with body odor at the gym for standing close to the AC

A trending video on Instagram shows the moment a lady confronted her fellow woman with body odor for standing close to the AC, thereby, spreading the smell.

Trendimg video on social media shows the moment a Nigerian lady confronted another woman in the gym who has body odor for standing in front of the AC, which spread the smell.

The lady who was a member of the gym had noticed the other woman always standing in front of the AC, making it difficult for others in the gym to access the cool air.

She then reached out to the lady in question and politely ask her to stop monopolizing the AC.

The other woman got angry over her approach and warned her to leave her alone and face her exercise.

He reply enraged the lady who confessed to her that she didn’t smell too good and by standing in front of the AC, she spreads her body odor throughout the gym.

This generated into a shouting match between the two women and the lady who confronted her advised her to use deodorants before coming to the gym.

Here are some reactions to the video below

kadibeautycraft wrote: “Nawaooo for comments 😂😂😂🙌She approached her nicely 👌is the lady she approached that got rude biko it’s a public place you can’t stand infront of Ac serving everyone.
When she approached her, all the other lady would have said is oh okay will do so quickly. I just had a body hotness and needed a little breeze .that would have ended it.let learn to be polite to each other 🙌❤️

babylord_of_lagos 1 said: “Why am I feeling like is jealousy that made this girl do this!!!!!!!!”

king_mubaraq opined: “She go use deodorant tomorrow and be more self aware.”

dapsyre stated: “Her approach wasn’t bad at all.If you go to the gym,you will understand her pain..”

oraspecial added: “This is so rude and impolite! You purposely did that for content on social media so you can trend. She’s a lady just like you, you can’t degrade her like that, you can pass your message to her politely without recording.”

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