Skiibii debunks ritualist allegations against him, shares concerning video of Nickie Dabarbie

Popular Nigerian singer, Skiibii shares a concerning video about Nickie DaBarbie as he address allegations of being a ritualist.

Popular Nigerian singer, Skiibii Mayana shares a concerning video of Nickie DaBarbie as he addresses allegations of being a ritualist.

Nicki Dabarbie took to her social media page to narrated how she allegedly narrowly escaped from the singer’s house where she claimed he and some of his colleagues tried to use her for ritualistic purpose.

Addressing the allegations levelled against him, Skiibii shared a video of the dancer, dramatising like she was under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance.

Nickie Dabarbie could be seen talking to herself in some parts of the video and in another, she was on the phone, crying for help while destroying the singer’s living room.

Skiibii could be heard in the background of the video blaming her actions on intoxication while lamenting the destruction of his house in the process.

He captioned the video, “This was a day before this incident, she came around 4 am and was outside for like 1 hour but no one was at home, then she came back the next day and all this happened.”

“She started calling people to tell them they wanted to use her and breaking things to give the impression that she’s been attacked. Omo no be small thing I see today o.”

Watch the video below:

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