Tiktoker Nickie DaBarbie accuses Skiibi of attempting to use her for ritual

Popular Nigerian TikToker, Nickie DaBarbie cried out on social media and accuses Nigerian artist, Skiibii of attempting to use her for money rituals.

Popular Nigerian Tiktoker Nickie DaBarbie has cried out as she accuses Nigerian artist Skiibii of attempting to use her for money rituals.

In a video that has has gone viral on social media, Nickie DaBarbie was seen narrating how she escaped from the claws of Skiibii.

She was seen videoing the house of the singer and the other people in the house including the artist.

According to the Tiktoker, she paid a visit to the mansion of Skiibii and almost got used for money rituals.

She stated in the video that Skiibii wanted to renew his rituals by using her but because she is spiritually strong, it didn’t work.

However, after she released the video, it may seem that Nickie DaBarbie was supposedly intoxicated.

Watch the video below:

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