Transgender, Jay Boogie calls for help after suffering complications from a botched cosmetic surgery in Lekki

Nigerian transgender, Jay Boogie calls out Comestics surgeon after suffering from complications from a botched cosmetic surgery in a Lekki clinic.

Nigerian transgender, Jay Boogie, cries out on social media after he suffered complications from a botched cosmetic surgery in a clinic at Lekki, Lagos state.

He made a post on his Instagram handle, drawing attention to his current situation and plight.

He accused the surgeon who performed the procedure of trying to kill him and begged Nigerians to hold her responsible if anything happens to him

He went further to share a photo of him signing a document before the surgery. He also gave out the name of the doctor and her number saying that she should be held responsible if he does not make it.

He also shared a screenshot of the clinic’s Instagram account and wrote, “If anything happens to me, this hospital and Dr Dinma is responsible.”

He added: “This surgeon wants to kill me please. I have a medical emergency please. This is the female surgeon’s number. If anything happens to me, it’s Dr Dinma.”

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