Why Ilebaye won the just concluded BBNaija All Stars – Doyin

Big Brother Naija housemate, Doyin has shared her opinion on why Ilebaye Odiniya emerged as winner of the show.

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Doyinsola David, shares the reason why Ilebaye Odiniya won the just concluded Big brother Naija show.

The 22 years old entrepreneur and model became the youngest person to win the show after winning against five other finalists during the Sunday night finale of the show.

Doyin opined that Ilebaye’s win could be attributed to what she described as “Nigerians’ underdog mentality.”

This suggest that Nigerians tend to support individuals who they feel is isolated or oppressed.

As a point of conversation, the interviewer, Miracle OP, delved into the dynamics of reality shows and the common strategy of isolating contestants.

He noted that once a participant is isolated during a show especially at the stage, many Nigerians tend to view that person as a hero due to their underdog status.

He said;

“We’ve seen different types of strategies [in reality shows]. And I don’t know why people still do this where they isolate somebody. Once you isolate somebody, especially so early in the game, human beings, especially Nigerians have the mentality that if a group of people are oppressing one person, that one person is our hero. It’s the underdog mentality.”

Doyin concurred with this viewpoint, emphasizing that Ilebaye’s storyline on the show appeared to align with this narrative.

In Doyin’s words;

“True. I think her [Ilebaye’s] storyline was meant to play out the way it played out.”

She suggested that the way events played out in the house seemed to favor Ilebaye’s underdog image.

However, Doyin also revealed that she felt betrayed by Ilebaye when her friend went behind her back and reconciled with another housemate, Venita, following a confrontation they had during their time in the house.

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