Moment Reverend sister was spotted drinking beer in public

Mixed reactions trail a trending video of a reverend sister spotted drinking alcohol at a beer parlour.

Mixed reactions trails a video of a reverend sister spotted drinking alcohol at a beer parlour while wearing her uniform.

In the video, the reverend sister was seen with a man having a discussion over some bottles of beer.

Many has condemned the sister for her actions as they wonder whether a reverend sister should be seen doing that.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments below:

dr.sct_samken said: “Alcohol is not a sin though”

sabitalk1 said: “The Bible says, drink but don’t be drunk.”

mr.odunga_ said: “Is drinking beer a sin? Nigerian Christianity go make everything looks like sin.”

effedeborah said: “Alcohol isn’t a sin.. Drink but don’t get drunk”

obonganamkristian said: “Nah celibacy oat she swear not alcohol”

shes_spotless said: “Dem no Dey use clear eye serve Jesus 45 again?”

books_feverr said: “Sister, country too hard, I understand, pass me one bottle

unstoppableabt said: “Nothing do u sister. If na during Jesus Christ Tinubu rule I believe say Peter for do more slaying. Sister add one bottle join am I understand u”

kidsrockevents said: “Don’t get it twisted, she is a virgin”

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